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As your President, I will develop and drive policy focusing on increasing farm income and securing a future for the next generation of farmers.
Francie Gorman

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Passionate about IFA, I firmly believe in farmers’ collective ability and strength to work together and deliver for each other. I will stand up and fight for farmers. I have always worked hard to make a positive impact.

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Backing Francie Gorman for IFA President

Supporters of Francie Gorman from all over Ireland wish the County Laois farmer the best of luck in next week’s…

IFA Presidential Election 2023 postal vote

For this IFA Presidential Election, members can avail of the postal voting system. It’s important all farmers have their say on the future direction the organisation takes.


Backing Francie

“Francie Gorman has dealt with many many issues regarding bog rewetting to current nitrates issues and land flooding in Offaly. As a woman in agriculture, I think it is very important that we have a very strong level-headed leader who values all our members, both men and women, and is going to be a good voice for the Association.”

Laura Grant

Laura Grant

Assistant Secretary, Offaly IFA

“I will be voting for Francie Gorman in the upcoming IFA Presidential election. I believe Francie has the qualities to deliver strong and meaningful leadership to farmers across all sectors. He is not afraid of a challenge, he has a proven track record and will fight for farmers.”

Anne Baker

Anne Baker

North Cork IFA

“We never before as farmers faced so many challenges between climate change, derogation, dairy, beef and tillage prices. We really need a good communicator to get out there and represent us in Europe and in national government. Get out there this November, get your voices heard and vote Number One Francie Gorman.”

Michael Joyce

Michael Joyce

Kilkenny IFA

“Francie Gorman will be an outstanding IFA President in my view because he has all the characteristics that you require. We need a person who can stand on his feet, to be comfortable in chaos, and to answer questions eloquently and comfortably.”

David Kerr

David Kerr

“I’m Michelle Lalor and I’m farming in partnership with my father, Michael. I first got to know Francie through Macra. He has been a great support to the young farmers’ discussion group in Laois. I believe Francie is the man to lead both the IFA and young farmers into the future. Vote Number One for Francie Gorman.”

Michelle Lalor

Michelle Lalor

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